Hey All,

Well, tomorrow is the big day. Well actually, it’s just a regular day like any other except I will drift from my chronological 50’s to my 60’s one second after midnight tonight, with grace and elegance. Yeah, sure.

When I very young, I never thought I’d live to be 30. Then I couldn’t believe I was making it to 40. Then I realized I was in mid-life and knew for sure I’d never hit 50. But this birthday is different. My Daddy passed away at 60 and so I have all sorts of terror scenes firing off in my brain, as well as so many imagined death scenes that I should get an Academy Award for the roles I have played as the dying heroine in my head.

Time for my brain to scream, “Oh My God, I’m turning 60. What have I done in my life that’s been significant or will make a change in the world? Or fed starving people? Or rescued someone? Or wrote a book that changed people’s lives? Well?????

Well, as of today, I’ve washed my dirty undies, ate a whole box of Rice Crunchers Rice Crackers and watched a couple of episodes of “Cops, Mardi Gras”, of drunk people exposing themselves and getting arrested. But I did it alone. That’s right. No one here but me, myself and I (and Kitten, of course) and I feel pretty good and I feel pretty safe so for right now in the place I am at in my life, that’s everything.

Until tomorrow, think about your Well???? moment as (or if) you are approaching the big Six Zero and know that I’m right there with ya…