Hey All…

When you take on the task of blogging, you naturally have a fear of people scrutinizing your use of the English language, how clearly or unclear you write and all of the various rules and regulations related to this subject. I’m not talking about “i before e and not after c” stuff, I’m talking about appropriate commas, semi-colons, sentence structures, no running sentences, prepositional phrases, all that stuff we didn’t think we would use or be important until we faced doing a blog and having people judge us or think we’re complete idiots who slept through our Junior High English classes. How’s that for too long of a sentence? I have always been accused of 1. talking too much (this I know is true, so slap me), 2. Not taking a breath between my sentences when I talk (also true because I do often get light-headed when I talk too long) and 3. writing God-awful running sentences when I write. Well, I can’t help it. That’s just how my hyper-drive brain works inside my head so that’s the way I tend to write and speak, for that matter. And that annoying way I always put “dot dot dot” at the end of my Facebook posts. Ugh. A clear sign that I talk way too much and truly don’t breath. Too many commas is another issue I struggle with. I mean, who remembers all of those boring, dreary rules about commas from when we were in school, when we were flirting instead with cute guys instead like Danny P, Dexter and Richard D??? So maybe my punctuation won’t be perfect and/or my sentence structure will stink or my sentences will be so long that your brain won’t be able to process them without a strong cup of coffee but sooner or later, I’ll make you laugh. Or make my point, or both. So forgive this green newbie blogger and know that how I write and where I go is strictly to tickle your funny-bone and not to have you figure out my grasp (or lack of) the English language and how to write properly. Unlike Toastmasters, I hope you won’t “ding” me every time I write an “ahhh”.

So, go out, into the world…make someone else laugh, or at least attempt it, and, by the way, don’t forget to check, back here, of course, to see if I have picked up any new, or maybe old rules about my days sitting in Mrs. Crockett’s english class at Roosevelt, attempting to learn something I would, or could, retain for the rest of my life…Thew! That was truly painful.