OK. I know this header will push a lot of people’s buttons but I seriously want to address the word Shit and how we all use it in our lives when no other word seems to fit the bill for expressing ourselves to the fullest. Let me just kindly say if this subject seems vulgar or just doesn’t interest you, well, Shit, that’s fine by me if you pass on this particular blog. See? It just popped up in my intro, so let’s explore this amazing word and the many ways that it weaves itself into and out of our vocabulary and our lives.

I apologize in advanced to those of you who are not OK with this subject matter (or should I say fecal matter).  So sorry if I have offended any of you with my Shit.

Not one for mincing words (nor pies for that matter), I have always been fascinated with the human use of words viewed as vulgar or offensive to color our language when we attempt to express ourselves and our emotions to the fullest.

The word Shit comes to the front of the line because it’s certainly more acceptable than the “F” word (a whole other blog, I’m sure) and not quite as effective or Cool as Damn or something I heard my whole life, my Mom’s exasperated, “Dosh Darnit”. What the Hell does THAT mean?

Shit!!! expressed with lots of feeling and/or harshness, in and of itself is enough. It needs no additional words, no frilly adjectives to soften it up or bring it to life to convey what the user is trying to say. We have all heard it and we all “get” it when our neighbors, co-workers or  someone on the phone says this one short noun. Let’s be clear, it is primarily a noun but I have heard it used in many sentence structures in many different applications that I won’t expound on here today. Let’s just stick to the basic Shit for now.

The word Shit can be substituted in for other words and people will still know what you mean. For example, your friend will say “What is this Shit?” and you know he’s asking, what gives? Possible meaning: your an asshole and I don’t like what you just said or did to me. Funny how this one word is so understood by so many. The inflections and tone of the user are what make all the difference in how it is perceived and received.

More common applications such as “Who gives a Shit!”, “Shit, you scared the crap outta me!!!” (one of my personal favorites), “Your full of Shit”, and “Shit, why couldn’t he just hit the damn ball” at baseball games certainly won’t get you thrown out of the stadium. Shit seems to be the universally excepted slang word that makes people take notice but probably won’t get you punched in the face.

Then there is the REAL meaning of the word which is for the disgusting but necessary event that we all must do: to evacuate our bowels, i.e. Shitting. Literally. At least once or twice a day is best, they say. Although the word is not nearly as impacting in this application, let’s face it, it just doesn’t get the same response when you casually say in conversation, “Oh, I just took the best Shit of my life”, as it does when used in surround sound with expletives “Shit, I just hit my thumb with that Shitty-ass hammer!!!!”. Expressing it in it’s proper context just doesn’t raise the hair on people’s cackles like it does when we use it in slang.

We talk Shit, say Shit, organize Shit, fight over Shit, create Shit, remove Shit, argue over Shit, save Shit, stop Shit, start Shit, brag about Shit, cry about Shit, eat Shit, read Shit and last but not least hate Shit. Now hate, that’s another word who’s meaning will be coming barreling down my blog path soon.

Shit tastes and feels better in some people’s mouths than others. Have you ever noticed that? I can’t imagine my reserved, proper Mom loudly saying, “Hey, pile some of that Shit on my plate, it looks pretty good!!!!” I think I would have Shit myself if I had ever heard her say something like that.

Guys seem to socially be able to get away with using this questionable word a lot easier than females, just in general. Guys can approach each other and say stuff like “I’m sure having a Shitty-ass day today!”, but women seem to still need to justify or folks seem uncomfortable with a women saying “Shit, Tommy, didn’t I tell you to get down from those monkey bars???”. Suddenly, she’s a bad Mother.

It’s a social thing, really. It’s a perception thing too. It’s approved in the comfort zone of many and repulsed others as crass. It can trigger emotions in most people nearly as quickly as the infamous F word. Wow. Such power in such a small four letter word.

The next time you are stuck for a word, frustrated with events in your life, so angry your brain is on fire, or exasperated beyond belief, just remember that you have this life-saver, right at the tip of your lips, to resolve any and all dilemmas or situations that might arise in your life here on earth. Shit, how easy is that?!? Hope you all have a day that makes you happy as Shit…